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Word Gems 

exploring self-realization, sacred personhood, and full humanity


How To Sit Quietly
In A Room Alone










There are some forms of knowledge which come to us by experiencing an array of opposites: the good and evil, the light and dark, the happiness and joy. But there is another, higher, form of knowledge which cannot be accessed this way because the greatest virtues of God’s mind have no opposite.

The Antics of a Fretful Two Year-Old

You Cannot Find Yourself 'Out There'

The Consciousness That Says 'I Am'

The Present Moment versus The Life Within

Feeling "Less" When Others Have "More"

Trying to Outrun the Sadness

Vincent Van Gogh: “When facing a flat landscape, I see nothing but eternity. Am I the only one to see it?”

Dr. Joseph Campbell: "You must have a room, a sacred place, a center of transformation."

How To Answer A Question

Sun Tzu and The Art Of War: highest-grade military strategy begins in a quiet small room

Dr. Daniel Robinson of Oxford: experience must be held together in a unity of consciousness, which implies a unity of self, and this inner integration is as much an object of experience as anything is. The quiet small room helps us to discern and make real the inner unity of self.

Thoreau’s Walden Pond as “Quiet Room” of Transformation

Soren Kierkegaard, Instructed By Dread

Where are the first-class mediums today? They've been lost in an avoidance of the small quiet room.

Eckhart Tolle: “You're in a room, you’re facing a wall, just sitting, and then you observe your mind, what it comes up with, and you learn to ‘just be with what is.’ This simple Zen meditation, some would say, is the most difficult meditation - just sitting and being with what is.”

An ancient Spirit Guide, 3500 years on the other side, asserts that crushing burdens of sin and guilt are caused by humankind’s failure to enter into higher self-realization, a relationship between the thinking mind and the deeper person.

You're industrious, you say? busy? proactive, get out there and make it happen? - really? or is it a way of escape and cover-up, a work-ethic fueled by neediness? "I don't have enough," fear and doubt, and "I am not enough"?

August Goforth: The nature of the Authentic Self is to enjoy, rather than endure, an experience. It is always at rest – resting in joy.

The small quiet room as venue of the famous life-review: why wait till you cross over?

The Last Kiss: John and Mary are constitutionally unable to sit quietly in a room alone.

"Safe in my garden, an ancient flower blooms."

How to Sit Quietly in a Room Alone

Conclusion: Kairissi and Elenchus, the "anthropic principle"

Epilogue: Can people change? – no, really, I mean real change 


all I want to do is try and find myself

in searching for the way to go I've followed all the rules, the way they say to choose between the wise men and the fools, I listen to the words they say, I read what I should read, I do whatever's right to do, try to be what I should be, someone let me in I think the sky is falling, seems I've gotten lost on my way, all I want to do is try and find myself, come and let me look in your eyes, come and let me look in your eyes, but wisdom isn't underground nor on a mountainside, and where am I to take myself, there's no place here to hide, where can I hide, all across the universe the stars are fading, seems we've gotten lost on our way, all I want to do is try and find myself, come and let me look in your eyes, come and let me look in your eyes, come and let me look in your eyes

all I want to do is try and find myself, come and let me look in your eyes