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Word Gems 

exploring self-realization, sacred personhood, and full humanity


Soulmate, Myself:
The Wedding Song

An Open Letter To Humanity




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The Wedding Song, originating from a higher realm, is more than a song, more than a poem.

It’s a letter.

Though it was delivered to one person, The Wedding Song constitutes an open letter bearing a message to all humanity.

What is the message?

The Song purports to offer response to our own pressing question, a universal “calling of the heart.”

What is the question?

It is the single question which subsumes and colors all of our actions, thoughts, hopes, and late-night bargainings with God: How will I ever find true happiness, how will I ever find the real love for my disheveled life?

In this world and also the next, there are many voices, many philosophies, many visions, which presume to answer this question. All of these, however, have been found wanting.

The Wedding Song, as open letter to humanity, dares to suggest that, among thousands of competitors, its formula for happiness and love, “something never seen before,” is the only way forward regarding what we stay alive for.