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Soulmate, Myself:
The Wedding Song

Epilogue, Part II



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Voices of Dissent: The Future of Marriage in Dystopia

While many of the Guides offer a consistent message concerning the sacred eternal marriage, there are some, more than a few, on the other side who offer objection.

In the lengthy article, “The 500 Leslie Flint Recordings, 500 Messages from the Next World,” we discovered that many disagree on how to live eternal life. I divided the testimonies into two broad camps, the “sane” and the “insane” comprising “the 500.”

Those of this latter group see marriage as something the truly spiritual will grow out of. According to them, marriage represents little more than a fevered animalistic state of mind. However, the Troubadour Guides, along with the communicating Guides referenced in “Epilogue, Part I,” would adamantly disagree – they see sacred marriage as “the holiest and divinest law of life.” Clearly, somebody is wrong; both views cannot co-exist peacefully.

The essential point of difference seems to be this: The Troubadours view authentic marriage as the “holiest law” because it helps people become more sentient, more conscious and aware, and therefore, more god-like, than any other aid to enlightenment. And because there’s no end to spiritually perfecting oneself – as Spirit-Guide Abu asserted in one of his taped interviews – there will be no end to a need for sacred marriage to instruct its participants.

But how can there be such wide disagreement between these two philosophical camps?

“The Wedding Song” explains it to us: it’s “something never seen before.” The Troubadour Guides have personally experienced the mystically joyous benefits of the true marriage. For them, it is no hypothetical, abstract proposition. They’ve felt, up close, the overriding elation, the extreme delight, of “the union of spirits,” and so they know and could never be convinced otherwise now.

For whatever reason, however, the other camp has not entered into this understanding. They’re still stuck in a worldly mindset of marriage as mere outlet for animalistic urges, for "buying and selling." They speak as a jaded "John and Mary"; burned once, forever shy. It all seems unclean to them; "been there, done that." Marriage, in their eyes, is something to overcome and leave behind, just a temporary, immature phase to suffer one's way out of. And, from their point of view, there’s a measure of sense to it; if that's all you know. This errant opinion will remain as gospel until it’s their time to experience “something never seen before.”

I strongly recommend that you read the article on “the 500.” You will learn things that very few know about the next world. 

Editor’s note: Allow me to restate once more. These Guides are saying that virtually no one on Earth has met or understood the real romantic love. Think of how anomalous this is. There are large numbers who would insist that their marriages represent eternal love. And many of these will transition to Summerland with expectation that the marriage union of the Earth will exist in eternity. But none of this is true. The average person, the average couple, say the Guides, has no clear concept of what true love is or feels like. This is big news.