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Word Gems 

exploring self-realization, sacred personhood, and full humanity


Kenneth Clark's Civilisation 



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Kenneth Clark was born on July 13, 1903 and educated at Winchester and Trinity College, Oxford. He was a Trustee of the British Museum and a member of the Advisory Council of the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Spanish Academy, and the Conseil Artistique des Musees Nationaux. Kenneth Clark's Civilisation was published in 1969; it was also the subject of a 13-part BBC production. Lord Clark died in 1983.


Chapter One: The Skin of Our Teeth

Chapter Two: The Great Thaw

Chapter Three: Romance and Reality

Chapter Four: Man - the Measure of All Things

Chapter Five: The Hero as Artist

Chapter Six: Protest and Communication

Chapter Seven: Grandeur and Obedience

Chapter Eight: The Light of Experience

Chapter Nine: The Pursuit of Happiness

Chapter Ten: The Smile of Reason

Chapter Eleven: The Worship of Nature

Chapter Twelve: The Fallacies of Hope

Chapter Thirteen: Heroic Materialism


"One of the too few authors who tempt me to use superlatives; [Clark] is the most widely cultivated person I know, and also the best at making his profound feeling for the arts contagious. The book glows with excitement." Raymond Mortimer, The Sunday Times




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